Today would mark Michael Jackson's 60th birthday. His sister Janet Jackson has prepared a tribute in celebration of his legacy. For the occasion, the singer teamed up with Kwaylon Rogers who is known as @BlameItOnKway.

The pair re-imagined Michael's iconic music video for "Remember The Time" from 1992. Janet plays the role of the queen in this interpretation. She judges dancers on their performance skills in the same way Iman did in the original version of the video. "Made For Now," a collaboration between Janet Jackson and Daddy Yankee, serves as the soundtrack for the dancing. From the looks of the clip available below, Jackson made this iteration comedic with the help of Rogers, a social media star who is known for his funny antics.

Rogers and Jackson are said to have met at the VMAs. The two entertainers hit it off and Rogers took the opportunity to pitch the idea for this creation. Janet Jackson clearly agreed.

The comedian hinted at a big project coming up yesterday. Seems like this video with Ms. Jackson might have been the cause of the excitement shared by other celebrities. Kway posted screenshots and other content to share the support he had received from industry professionals about his new project. His caption simply pointed to today's date: MJ's birthday.