Patrick Beverley caught a lot of flack last week as it was revealed that he was a part of a contentious meeting with the rest of the players in the league. Of course, this meeting was in relation to the boycott that was started by the Milwaukee Bucks. Beverley wanted to know what the plan was and Michele Roberts of the NBPA was in the room to let the players know that if they didn't play the rest of the season, the financial implications could be huge.

Beverley allegedly said, "I pay your salary" to Roberts which was taken as disrespect. Many players have refuted these reports saying that this never actually happened. In a new interview with The Athletic, Jared Dudley of the Los Angeles Lakers gave his take on the situation and explained how it all really went down.

Patrick Beverley

Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Per Dudley:

“I thought Pat Bev was a perfect person to have in that meeting. You have to have someone who is on the other side of the spectrum. His thing early on was, ‘What is the plan?’ That’s what he was screaming early on. And then the whole Michele Roberts thing was basically – he was emotional at that time to try and figure out the plan. And he was talking one time, and basically said, ‘Please let me talk.’ Now listen, when you’re talking to a grown, Black woman – and we all have mothers like that and stuff like that – emotions run high. So I believe he could’ve said it in a different way, but not at (any) point in time did I think he was trying to be disrespectful. That’s what I would say for Pat Bev. And that’s saying it about someone who’s a rival, playing for Clippers.”

While there are certainly numerous sides to this story, it's clear that everything is water under the bridge at this point, especially with play resuming.