Just like his father warned us last week, Jay Prince is “going to make Birdman pay” for sitting on the millions he made off Drake & Lil Wayne over the years. On Monday, TMZ reported that Jas Prince has officially sued Birdman & Cash Money co-founder Ronald "Slim" Williams for not awarding him and Aspire Music Group their share of profits.

According to the lawsuit, Birdman is dishonoring his contractual duty to pay Aspire Music (which Jas has ownership in) one-third of his Drake profits. He also reportedly signed Drake to an exclusive deal in January of 2013, but according to the documents, that new contract breached Drake's original one, ultimately costing Aspire $4 million in lost earnings.

Aspire Music Group filed the new lawsuit, but sources connected to the case inform TMZ that Jas is the one calling the shots. He’d previously sued Cash Money before, but TMZ claims this time around Jas is going "harder than ever" now to get the money straight from Birdman. However, who knows if or when that'll happen.

We'll be sure to keep you posted on any further developments as they become available.