You may remember that Jas Prince, a.k.a. the man who discovered Drakefiled legal documents against Cash Money earlier this year, demanding that they open their books and reveal the dollar amount they made off of Champagne Papi. He was back in court last week, claiming that he Cash Money owes him $11 million in Drake royalties, reports Jasmine Brand.

Jas signed Drake to Aspire Music Group in 2007. Not long after, Cash Money approached him about signing Drake and allegedly agreed to pay Jas & Aspire 22% of all Drake’s advances, net profits, and other advances. The $11 million figure comes from 22% of $40 million -- the amount he believes Cash Money made off of Drake.

Cash Money claimed they owed money to Aspire, not Jas. In his recent court appearance, Jas claimed that the deal he signed with Aspire gave him the commission on Drake's music.

He has also filed a lawsuit against Lil Wayne’s manager and Aspire executive Cortez Bryant regarding his deal with Aspire. Jas claims that a conflict of interest has prevented Bryant and Aspire from collecting the money owed to him. Jas' deal with Aspire prohibits him from suing Cash Money, and he has demanding that the court appoint a temporary receiver to sue Cash Money on his behalf. The judge has yet to make a ruling.