Last week, Jason Derulo broke the Internet, as they say. He shared an old photo of himself at a Bali resort, wearing only an incredibly tight-fitted swimsuit. While his toned physique would have been enough to get people talking, a prominent print in his shorts raised some questions. In response to one commenter who played dumb and asked what Derulo was hiding down there, the singer smugly said, an "anaconda". The photo was so baffling for some that Derulo even had to clarify to TMZ that he didn't resort to any Photoshop to endow himself with this bulge

Now, the Cats star is being forced to launch a #bringbackAnaconda campaign, since Instagram removed his steamy photo for not abiding by the app's guidelines. It's not surprising that the photo was flagged because it quickly became Derulo's most-liked post. The social media platform couldn't possibly allow that many eyes to ogle that man any longer. The "Goodbye" artist shared a screenshot of the notification he received regarding his transgressive post, which reads: "We removed your post because it goes against our Community Guidelines on nudity or sexual activity. Our guidelines are based on our global community, and some audiences may be sensitive to different things."

Derulo is evidently indignant about his thirst trap being deleted, as he wrote, "Fuk u mean? I have underwear on... I can't help my size..." Is he right to be upset? Is he being unjustly targeted?