And good morning to you too, Mr. Derulo. On Thursday morning, the singer posted a photo on Instagram wearing only some questionably short boxer-briefs and a gold chain, captioned "Good Mornin'" with a splash emoji. Needless to say, the image is quite revealing. Among the many, many fans and innocent observers alike that commented in shock and/or excitement on the post, one (but likely not the only) user slyly asked him what he "had in his pants."  Jason responded to the comment, indicating that the evident imprint of his bulge was an "anaconda." Clearly, the guy is not modest about his "manhood."

In comparison to the rest of Jason's overall Instagram feed recently, this photo definitely stands out. Not only because it is an obvious thirst trap that's bound to draw attention to himself, but because of the the stark contrast between this post and all of the Cats-movie related content on his page. That's right—if you didn't already know, Jason is one of the stars of the bizarre stage-to-screen adaptation of the famous musical, that's had an almost 40-year-run. On stage, humans playing cats works (for some people), but on camera, the star-studded cast—which, along with Jason, includes Idris Elba, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, and Sir Ian McKellan, among others—as CGI felines is super weird and, honestly, disturbing. Maybe Jason just wanted to distract everyone from his peculiar choice to play a hella creepy human-cat hybrid in a musical on the big screen?