The Prince of gypsies has decided to shave off his iconic beard to the displeasure of many, many fans. The late beard became central to Momoa's signature look and accompanied the actor in an array of memorable roles such as "Khal Drogo" in Games of Thrones, "Aquaman" in the self-titled movie and "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" amongst others. The 39-year old celebrity made the announcement via his Instagram where he admitted to not having shaved since 2012.

In the full-length version of the announcement, which was shared via his Youtube channel, the movie star and producer dives into the numerous benefits of aluminum usage: "It's 100% recycleable, so you drink the can and in about 60 days, it'll be back." Considering the greater cause underneath it all, fans may be able to forgive Momoa for getting rid of his iconic beard. Perhaps it'll also renew in 60 days like these eco-friendly cans. 

Furthermore, it seems the act is not without cause. Precisely, in an effort to save the environment, the "Justice League" star encouraged his 11 million strong following to cease all use of plastic water bottles. He instead offers aluminum as a better alternative, deeming it "infinitely recycleable." In the shared post, we see Momoa shaving off his beard and then giving viewers a first look at a well-designed aluminum can. The cans stem from Momoa's new line of canned water, created to support a planet-saving initiative.