Jason Pierre-Paul continues to be a star on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and with each passing year, he helps defy the odds. Of course, Pierre-Paul once blew off his fingers in a fireworks accident, although he was able to come back and play some of his best football. A couple of years ago, he bounced back from a broken neck, and now, he continues to play the game he loves.

Recently, however, Pierre-Paul has been dealing with an off-the-field problem that would concern anyone: dead roaches. In a new video posted to his Instagram story, Pierre-Paul can be seen taking a tour of his house, where numerous dead roaches are simply lying about. It’s a bizarre clip although JPP was fairly humorous about it all.

Jason Pierre-Paul

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

"I don't know where they coming from, cause there ain't nothing to eat,” he remarked. "Look at him. That's Cici Allah. We'll call this one right here John Doe. Look like he tried to escape quick.” 

As Pierre-Paul pointed out, he has used pest control services in the past, so he has no clue why the dead roaches keep popping up in such high numbers. If they were alive it would be another headache entirely, so at least Pierre-Paul doesn’t have to worry about them crawling around wherever he goes.

Either way, not a fun situation to have to deal with.