Add Jason Terry to the list of former NBA stars that will be joining the Big3 League next season.

Terry, 41, has recently spent time doing "Players Only" broadcasts for TNT, as well as working with ESPN and providing color commentary for the Pac-12 Network. He last played in the NBA as a member of the Milwaukee Bucks during the 2017-18 season.

In an interview with CBS Sports, Terry explained his reasoning for joining the Big 3, "The biggest reason, the No. 1 reason, is my love for the game and for the fans."

When asked specifically about the Big3's 4-point shot, Terry added:

"Yeah, you're talking about a 4-point shot, I'm talking about breaking the 4-point shot record. That is going to be one of my weapons in this game. Being a guy that, in the NBA, is fifth all-time in 3-point shooting, this is right up my alley. And so I love it. I love that dynamic of the game. I think it's a part of the game that, guys in today's NBA, they shoot it from long range but they only get three points for it. Now we're out here in the BIG3, I'm going to get four points for something that I ordinarily did. An extra point goes a long way for me."

The Big3 League will expand from eight to 12 teams in the upcoming third season. The draft will take place in April, and there will be a number of notable, former NBA players available including Gilbert Arenas, Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, Lamar Odom, Steve Blake, Kendrick Perkins, Daniel "Booby" Gibson, Eddy Curry and Carlos Arroyo.