Jay Critch Forgets To Call His Broker In "Sweepstakes" Video

Devin Ch
June 15, 2018 12:50

Jay Critch teases "Hood Favorite" mixtape with "Sweepstakes" music video.

Jay Critch has quietly become the strongest member of Rich Forever, he was already their unsung hero in the eyes of many. His visuals for "Thousands Ways" sparked comparisons between his aesthetic and the early rise of Bobby Shmurda. There is considerable in mixing localized elements like a street corner or a bodega shop, with top-tier video production. This time out, Critch takes a different approach, given the main crux of "Sweepstakes" is to show off his bank roll.

In "Sweepstakes" Critch hops in an orange drop top 'Vette on his way to the cheesecake, a particular response to listing every option in the menu. The Brooklyn arrives with his entourage, but they haven't any trunks to enjoy the swimming pool. That's ok, because Critch is simply teasing his gang with upcoming features, his best has yet to come. "Sweepstakes" was shot by John Rawlins, known for his video work on Yachty's "Wanna Be Us" and Post Malone's "Too Young" among others.


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