Jay Cutler wasn't exactly well-liked throughout his career considering his play with the Chicago Bears, and later the Miami Dolphins was mired in mediocrity. As a result, NFL fans have frequently made fun of him for his constant interceptions and bizarre behavior in the public eye. In fact, Cutler was on the receiving end of some personal life scrutiny just last month as rumors began to circulate that Cutler was dating conservative commentator Tomi Lahren.

Now, Cutler is getting into the political realm as he officially endorsed Donald Trump for President of the United States. Following golf legend Jack Nicklaus' endorsement, Cutler took to Instagram where he wrote "Sign me up" on his story. He then went on to re-share Nicklaus' endorsement on his main page and said "Never a doubt."

With the election just five days away, people are on edge about who is going to win the White House, so it's no surprise that Cutler's endorsement was met with a ton of hostility on social media. Various commentators made jokes about Cutler's endorsement and how it relates to how he played in the NFL. For instance, one user said, "Jay Cutler was famous for always throwing to the wrong team during crunch time so this makes sense for him."

Others noted the hypocrisy amongst conservatives for telling black athletes to shut up and dribble, all while praising Cutler for entering the political arena. Needless to say, Cutler continues to be a polarizing figure in the sports world.