Jay Electronica is an elusive character. He's been working on his highly anticipated debut album, Act II: Patents Of Nobility (The Turn), for so long it's almost has Detox status. Yet his fans remain loyal, even though he rarely pops up on the blogosphere. Thus it may be hard to believe, but apparently Jay's album is basically done.

In recent times we've heard Jay Electronica on Mac Miller's album, as well as on songs with The Bullits, like "Murder Death Kill" and "They Die By Dawn."  The Bullits is an artist/producer by the name of Jeymes Samuel. The UK native told NME in a new interview that Jay Electronica's album is in the final stages.

The singer said, "Honestly, it's in the last stages of recording. It's just tinkering. Just putting the final… you know when a builder builds a house? And when he's finished the walls he gives them one little brush over, like a once over? And then the album will be done."

Jeymes continued, praising the long-delayed LP, "His album is amazing, it's remarkable. It is the perfect… It goes hand in hand with Yeezus and Magna Carta…. They go hand in hand... Also, also… It's weird how Jay Z is intricately involved with all of us, but all the albums sound so different."

This news may actually be true, because after the release of Hov's MCHG, Jay took to his Twitter account (which he doesn't do very often) and declared, "Ok, now it's my turn. Let's go." He then went back-and-forth with Just Blaze about releasing a song which Jay said isn't finished yet.

We'll believe it when we hear it.