Jay Pharoah has built a career with his spot-on impressions of Jay-Z and President Obama. But no one knew how good he was at freestyling until his recent visit to "The Whoolywood Shuffle" -- DJ Whoo Kid's radio show on Shade 45. The dude has some serious chops. He imitated Eminem, Jay-Z and The Weeknd, all the while freestyling.

While his impressions of Slim Shady wasn't perfect, he still managed to recreate his complex lyrical style. Pharoah's brightest moment was imitating Jay. Off the top, he not only showed he can sound exactly like Hov, he can even sound like him freestyling. 

The comedian also showed his own freestyling skills. If the former Saturday Night Live cast member's acting bit doesn't work out, he could get a second wind putting out mixtapes.