Jay Rock is fresh off the release of his latest project, Redemption. It's been a long time coming and fans have eagerly waited for the project to drop for a minute. Many people were hoping they'd hear a Jay-Z feature on the project after reports surfaced that the rap titan had a verse on the album. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case and the rumor seemed to have sparked from some sort of miscommunication between Rock and the audience during his listening party.

Jay Rock recently sat down with Complex for a in-depth interview about his latest project. Jay Rock spoke on the speculated Jay-Z feature that many expected to land on the project. He revealed that he wanted a Jay feature but he didn't actually have it.

"No, I'mma stop you right there. Somebody misinterpreted what I said. I said I wanted a Hov [verse]! I wanted it because the record with me and Cole... see, people… you know, I was lit that night. Please forgive me. I was kinda lit." He explained. 

He explained that he wanted to get Jay-Z on "The Three J's" with J. Cole but admitted that if he didn't get HOV, he wanted Jay Electronica on it.

"I always wanted to do a record called, “The Three J's," because you got me, Jay Rock, you got J. Cole, and you got Jay Z. I thought that it would be dope. I said, if I couldn’t get Jay Z, we’ll get Jay Electronica. They must have misinterpreted it when I said it because I said, “I always wanted to do a Jay record with Jay Z but I got the other J on this one.” But I didn’t ever say J. Cole so everybody thought, 'Oh, he got a record with Jay Z.'" he explained. 

It's unfortunate we didn't get the Jay-Z and Jay Rock collab most people were waiting for but hopefully, it'll happen in the future.