With nothing but a bloody red backdrop to fall back on, Jay Rock delivered a seething rendition of his Boi-1da-produced cut "Bloodiest." The video was commissioned under the COLORS banner. The barebone aesthetic works on so many levels for Jay Rock, he a rapper that champions the brunt of reality. The blood red background causally follows the subject of the song, of retaliation and the heightened threat of hyperviolence.

Jay Rock is a documenteur, his words bring everything to completion. What that means, in theory, is that he doesn't require the visual stimuli that a less descriptive rapper would rely on. The last time he went the cinematic route it was on the Black Panther Soundtrack, as you might recall.

In this one-off video, a microphone swings from a pendulum, placed within his fractal limits, allowing Jay Rock to concentrate on the "performative aspect" of his song. That isn't to say that "Bloodiest (COLORS)" is a performance piece, not at all.

What A COLORS SHOW does well is a mere negation of all the ineffective stimuli so the listener/watcher can really connect with the artist. This time they chose Jay Rock in an intimate setting; last time it was 6LACK who sang "Disconnect" from his new LP East Atlanta Love Letter. Tell us what you think?