As Jay Rock himself prophecized, the wins would be bountiful. Upon releasing Redemption, a sleeper contender for many-a-top ten list, Jay Rock has continued to establish his reach. Seen by many as TDE's resident OG, Rock has won respect from many a fellow emcee; case in point, this recent pair of pictures courtesy of Jay Rock's Instagram. Taken after holding it down on New York soil, Rock can be seen posting up alongside local talent A$AP Ferg & the legendary Busta Rhymes, who took some time out of feuding with 50 Cent to hold it down.

"My n***a @asapferg showed up and showed out last night for NYC I appreciate u champ!!!," writes Rock, in the accompanying caption. "Big ups to my big bro the Legend @bustarhymes for pulling up and lacing a n****a with game like always." You've gotta respect a man's willingness to learn from those who came before him, and hearing jewels of wisdom from Busta Rhymes is something that should appear on many-a-bucket-list.

Peep the images below, and sound off. Are ya'll thinking of slotting Redemption into your top ten list?