In the Black Hippy group dynamic, Jay Rock is understood to be the quartet's OG. As such, there's a certain weight he carries when he speaks, wisdom gleaned from experience. So much so that the city of Watts actually bestowed the key upon him last year, an occasion hereby known as "Jay Rock Day." With the honor having occurred on May 24th, 2019, Rock used the anniversary as a means to give some wisdom back to the people. 

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

"A year ago, May 24th was declared Jay Rock Day & I received the key to my city Watts, CA. In that moment it made me feel alive and inspired to keep chasing my dreams! A year later, the world is in the midst of a pandemic & Life itself has been turned upside down for everyone. For that reason I'd like to offer everyone a key of my own. Stay Faithful, Be Safe, and Love On The People Who Mean The Most To You!! Together We Will Get Through This!!"

Signing off as Eastside Johnny, the words of encouragement are certainly most appreciated. Check out the message for yourself below, and be sure to check back for any developments on the TDE rapper's new music. After all, he does feel due to drop something -- it's been two years since his last release Redemption, and many have been keen on seeing where he goes next.