A few days ago, Kanye West surprised fans with the news that Watch The Throne 2 was in the works. Exciting to be sure, but marred by Jay's radio silence surrounding the announcement. Still, that hasn't stopped rumors from spreading on the contrary. During an On The Run 2 show in Arlington, Texas, Jay-Z sent fans into a social media frenzy upon requesting "2 hands in the air." Unfortunately, some misinterpreted his comments as "2 is on the way," and subsequently voiced the news to the masses. 

For the record, that is not to say Watch The Throne 2 isn't coming. Kanye, an unreliable narrator to be sure, has confirmed that the project has at least been discussed to some capacity. To be fair, it's entirely possible that Ye simply fired off the tweet to pressure his "big brother" into acquiescing, though the Jigga man has remained mum on the project. Perhaps Jay is simply waiting until his tour concludes before diving head first into another ambitious project. One thing is for sure. Watch The Throne 2 would be the perfect final chapter to 2018's already impressive musical output.

All we need now is for Jay-Z to acknowledge the damn thing.