TIDAL has received its fair share (if not more than) of backlash since it's inception back in March. There were a few good reasons for the criticisms of TIDAL, namely the fact that it seemed to be co-owned entirely by artists who are already extremely wealthy (and we're still wondering what the deal is with all the smaller artists?). On top of this, the price for a TIDAL subscription had us all questioning if it was "really worth it."

These were just a few of the consumer questions about TIDAL-- adding to TIDAL's struggle was the fact that they seemed unable to keep a CEO in place, and of course the rise of Apple Music just a few months removed from TIDAL didn't do the platform any favors.

Nonetheless, they've kept persevering, offering exclusives to TIDAL users as promised, including the stream of Lil Wayne's FWA album, exclusive music videos from Nicki Minaj and Madonna, as well as B-Sides concert from Jay Z. 

Today Jay Z has hopped on his not-often-used twitter to announce a milestone for the subscription streaming service; they've reached 1 million subscribers. To celebrate, Hov hinted at an event in Brooklyn on October 20th, but provided little in the way of details. We're sure a proper announcement will follow, so stay tuned.

Are you a TIDAL subscriber? Let us know.