Lil Baby may have rid himself of his Instagram, but his presence is still felt. On Christmas Eve, Lil Baby gave his holiday salutations before logging off to spend time with his family. His relationship with Jayda Cheaves has been under the microscope after Teanna Trump and Ms. London, two adult film stars, revealed that the rapper allegedly paid them for sex. Baby and Cheaves took hits from the public as he was labeled a habitual cheater while she was attacked for staying with him through the alleged infidelities.

While the couple navigates the future of their relationship in private, Jayda has gone public with a few gifts she's received for the holidays. It's unclear if they came from Lil Baby or if she decided to get herself a little something, but whatever the case may be, Jayda was more than excited to brag about her presents.

"I was on the nice list," she wrote in the caption of her photos. Jayda scored big as she added more heavy artillery to her jewelry collection, and she was also given Chanel accessories, including bags and a necklace. Those items set somebody back a few stacks, so swipe below to check out Jayda's latest luxury additions.