Lil Baby has found himself in some pretty heavy baby mama drama. 

Last week, the mother of his eldest son Jason claimed that their little boy was kicked out of school after the rapper failed to pay his tuition. After that, Baby started flexing some cheques that he left uncashed, noting that they're being saved for his sons once they're adults. That much seemingly prompted Ayesha, his baby mama, to make even more claims about the star, claiming that she was stuck riding Uber to and from the grocery store on more than one occasion, risking COVID-19, all because Baby couldn't front her some cash to get her car repaired. While that's not really his responsibility anymore, Ayesha explained that he should care more about his son's health, not letting him ride in a car-share during a pandemic.

Ayesha got Jayda Cheaves, his current girlfriend, involved when she claimed that she gets a weekly allowance from Lil Baby, which forced her to get involved with a tirade of tweets.

"Idc how hard life get imma keep some money put up i never touch and keep my own place even if i don’t use that bitch. Cuz whatever a n***a got... AINT MINE," said Jayda. "I’m far from dumb. I won’t ever let nobody lil girl me. And that’s a general statement to the ppl commenting on why I have what I have. Like nooooo. I’m here with my man because I want to be not because I have to be. Sometimes you just love who you love. Nobody can change that. Now good day."

That much prompted Yaya Mayweather, Youngboy Never Broke Again's girlfriend, to chime in on her own relationship.

"Crazy thing is same ones calling me & Jayda dumb is the same females that want to be with the n***as and the same dudes that want to be the n***as," wrote Yaya on Instagram Stories. "So I really dgaf about nothing y'all talking about."