Toronto rapper Jazz Cartier has shared the tracklist to his upcoming debut album, which will be his first project since his breakout mixtape, Marauding in Paradise, released last April. He posted a picture of the album's back cover, which shows the tracklist, on Twitter and Instagram, and wrote, "THIS IS A TRACKLIST FOR AN ALBUM. I'M THE CAPTAIN NOW." 

Though he hasn't yet confirmed a title, he included the hashtag "HP" along with both posts, and earlier this week, he posted a picture showing the same two letters, as well as a Toronto phone number, to his Instagram (see above gallery). 

After sharing the tracklist, Cartier sent out a tweet that reads, "Fleurebruary," which is likely the word for February in the language of Jacuzzi La Fleur. Could the album be arriving in the cold month that lies immediately ahead? 

The 16-song tracklist shows 4 tracks Cartier has already put out, "Stick & Move," "Tales," "I Know," and "Opera," his most recent release. The entire album will be produced by Lantz, who has been behind most every song Cartier has put out. The lone feature comes from River Tiber. 

Complex points out that the homepage of Cartier's website currently shows 13 tally marks -- perhaps the number of days left until the album's release. Those marks appear in front of a moving picture that shows an eerie, old-timey hotel hallway. There's an unresponsive tab toward the bottom of the screen that says "NO VACANCY." Maybe we'll get to peer inside one of the rooms in 13 days?