Jeannie Mai has become a pop culture fixture since her relationship with Jeezy went public. A recent addition to her working resume, Jeannie was announced as a cast member on Dancing With The Stars earlier this month. On Monday’s episode of Dancing With The Stars, Jeannie and her dance partner Brandon Armstrong, performed a Viennese Waltz to the well known number “Married Life” from Pixars’s Up. 

Prior to their performance, Jeannie explained why she chose that particular song from the heartfelt movie. Her song choice was fully symbolic of her relationship with Jeezy, as she said, "I played Up for him while we were dating. This movie is how I would like for us to grow old together. The night that he's watching this dance is going to be his birthday, so I can't wait to just have this as a sweet surprise."

The dance included both partners dressed as the couple from the Pixar classic with a backdrop filled with colorful balloons. Jeannie’s performance was well received from the judges, but the best reaction came from her fiancee, Jeezy.

jeannie mai and jeezy engaged

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

The rapper quickly took to Instagram to surprise Jeannie and encourage her performance--which happened to be on his birthday. To show his support for his soon-to-be wife, Jeezy revealed by way of IG that he got her a "Vote Jeannie" billboard. He captioned the post, "I know it’s my G Day, but that ain’t gon stop me from showing love on your Big Day. Kill it tonight! Everybody vote Jeannie for DWTS."

Jeannie responded quickly, with a fervor: "Stop!!!! Is this real? JAY. I'm literally in rehearsals now crying. Baby I can't do this without your support. Thank you a million times over. Tonight is for you, Birthday King!!!"

Earlier that day, Jeezy announced his own show  Worth A Conversation as a birthday gift to himself.