After 50 Cent repeatedly shut down the possibility of appearing on Verzuz with T.I., other artists have been vying for the opportunity. The self-proclaimed King of the South has been rather picky about who he wants to share the Verzuz stage with. Busta Rhymes told Fat Joe that he'd match up with T.I., but Tip later responded, "I salute and respect Busta a whole lot. I just think the generational gap might be a little too much." The rapper also mentioned Jeezy and said, "Incredible amount of Young and his catalog. Personal patna of mine," he said. "But if Young wanted this smoke, he'd say it." It looks as if Jeezy is answering the call.

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In a video he shared to Instagram, Jeezy made it clear that all he needs is a date and time. "Say bruh. You done been around the whole world on your campaign. Now you back here," said Jeezy. "I don't know what you avoiding me for. I'll tell you what though, since it mean that much to you, put a date on it. I ain't gon' meet you there, I'm gon' beat you there. Straight up. Big Snow."

T.I. jumped in Jeezy's comments. "Hmmm could this long time constituent of mine be referring to me??? @jeezy," he wrote. Swizz Beatz was watching the exchange and left a series of eyeball emojis, so this may be something that will actually go down on Verzuz. Do you think this is a fair match up?