There's no disputing the simple fact that Atlanta legend Jeezy has achieved a much-coveted status: "man of integrity." Such is only reserved for the men who others above themselves, who use their extensive means to bring good fortune upon those who lack it. Such was the case yesterday, when Jeezy came through for a downtrodden family, providing a genuine Thanksgiving morale booster. According to Billboard, Jeezy was touched by the story of the Natt family, who woke up one evening to find their house going up in flames. 

Though Victoria Natt, her husband Tavares, and their fourteen children luckily escaped unscathed, the house was unfortunately engulfed. Jeezy, however, offered to pay for their hotel bills for the remainder of the year; not only that, but he also made sure to cater a Thanksgiving dinner for the Natt clan, which transpired at a family member's house. It's always nice when a rapper gives back to their community, and Jeezy has long since proven he's an integral piece of the Atlanta community. Respect goes out to the trapper turned role-model, who recently ran a 10K marathon with mayor Keisha Bottoms.