As he and wife Jeannie Mai prepare for the arrival of their firstborn, Jeezy is taking his seat on TV One's Uncensored. The Rap icon and his The Real bride not only married earlier this year, but they recently announced that they are expecting. Aside from the good news on the home front, a clip from his Uncensored episode shows Jeezy detailing his upbringing and his street hustle.

Jeezy spoke about living in different countries as a child due to his father being in the military. He admitted to sneaking onto the base in order to "steal things" before sending them back to the States for money. "I was maybe nine, ten," he said. 

Jeezy, Jeannie Mai
Eugene Gologursky / Stringer / Getty Images

This caused Jeezy to be booted back to "the hood" to live with his grandmother. Eventually, the rapper's parents separated and he went to live with his mother. Their relationship was contentious because he was a young man trying to figure out who he was while being "in the streets at a young age."

"For a long time, I don't think I told anybody this but, my whole scheme was, I was always the man, but I would run the game on the OGs and the big homies like okay, 'Y'all give me y'all money and I'll go get it for you,'" Jeezy recalled. "But I already had it. So, they just give me they money and I'll go my grandma house, eat some cereal, and then I'll come back with the bag."

"That was my hustle. I already had it because the people that was older and looking out for me, they trusted me enough to let me do whatever." Watch Jeezy speak about his upbringing in detail below.