Jeezy's clothing apparel line 8732 Apparel is facing a new lawsuit, from motorcycle crew Hells Angels. The Angels aren't too happy with Jeezy ripping off their logo, and then selling it on jackets for massive profit, at least according to the suit.

Hells Angels' iconic Death Head logo is currently being used in a slightly different version on 8732 Apparel's jackets and hats. Hells Angels say in their lawsuit that Jeezy's company has already earned a substantial amount of profit from selling a knock-off of their logo, and now they want all those profits. 

The club is suing for unspecified damages. They're also asking that a judge forces 8732 to stop selling any apparel with what looks like their logo on it.

Last year the Hells Angels also went to court with Rob Drydek's clothing comapny and MTV over the same problem-- a rip-off of their logo.

Check out photos of 8732 apparel and the Hells Angels logo in the gallery above to view the similarities.