Jeff Sessions reveals how the practice of separating children from their parents who are trying to illegally cross the United States border will end if new immigration laws are put into place, as well as construction of the current Commander in Chief's proposed border wall. 

"We do not want to separate parents from their children," Sessions said in defence of Congress' "zero tolerance" immigration policy. "If we build the wall, if we pass legislation to end the lawlessness, we won’t face these terrible choices."

Speaking at the National Sheriffs' Association conference in New Orleans, the United States Attorney General admits that splitting up families is a result of Trump's mission to "end the lawlessness at our southern border."

Prior to Trump assuming the role of president, anyone who brought a child with them across the border was given "immunity from prosecution. Word got out about this loophole, with predictable results. The number of aliens illegally crossing with children between our ports of entry went from 14,000 to 75,000 — that’s a five-fold increase — in just the last four years," Sessions notes. 

Sessions does reckon that Trump and his delegates "do not want to separate children from their parents," before admitting that "we do have a policy of prosecuting adults who flout our laws to come here illegally instead of waiting their turn or claiming asylum at any port of entry. We cannot and will not encourage people to bring children by giving them blanket immunity from our laws."  

The president will meet with GOP house members on Tuesday evening to discuss an appropriate method in dealing with illegal immigration.