Jeff Staple's pigeon logo is iconic. He has used the bird on his clothing and the logo goes hand in hand with his brand. It was also used on the 2005 Nike SB "Pigeon" dunk which was one of the most iconic sneaker releases of the decade. Staple followed up that show just last year with the "Black Pigeon." With 2019 on the horizon, Staple is back with another Nike SB Dunk low, this time dubbed the "Panda Pigeon."

The reason for the "Panda Pigeon" name is simple. Just look at the color of the shoes and you'll find out everything you need to know. A black and white upper dresses the shoe, while hints of green symbolize bamboo, which is what Pandas are known for eating. One of the more interesting details of the shoe is how the outsole is translucent with the words "Sneaker Riot." This comes from a New York Daily News headline that chronicled the release of the original pigeon dunk back in 2005.

According to Sneaker News, these new "Panda Pigeon's" will be releasing on January 6th for $110 USD. Staple will also be releasing some branded apparel alongside the shoes. For now, they will only release on the NTWRK app but will get a wider release later in the year.