If you spend a little more time on Instagram on YouTube than you'd like to admit, as most of us do, chances are, you've come across a video or two containing slime. According to a recent report, the number of search queries containing the word "slime" have risen eightfold. The New York Times wrote, “There’s a thriving nationwide market for slime...The hashtag #slime appears on 3.5 million Instagram posts, and slime searches on Etsy have increased 9,000 percent since October [20170, according to the company.” Many a business venture has emerged from this ongoing trend, and dessert company Jell-O is making sure that it gets a seat at the table.

The company recently announced two edible premade slime kits earlier this week— one of which is a strawberry-flavored “Unicorn” slime and the other which is a lime-flavored “Monster” slime. The tasty treats will be packaged in jars of powder that need to be mixed with water to produce the desired texture. In a recent press release, Jell-O declared, “Slime has become a social media phenomenon,” before adding “While do-it-yourself edible slime recipes are popular on Pinterest and YouTube, until today, there hasn’t been an edible slime available from a national brand.” A representative from Jell-O's parent company Kraft told Vox, “By innovating an edible slime, JELL-O PLAY not only offers something unique in market, but also delivers a creative bonding experience that the whole family can enjoy.”

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