Things got personal between Teen Moms 2 star, Jenelle Evans, and the reunion show's co-host, Nessa Diab this Monday night. The reality television star stormed out of the reunion show after remarks made by Diab, which came to the defense of her boyfriend, Colin Kaepernick, and the negative comments Evans posted about Kaepernick online. “You posted hateful comments on social media about my family, about my man Colin Kaepernick,” said Diab, drawing a comparison between what angered Jenelle about a fellow co-star, and the comment made by Evans about Diab's own boyfriend on social media. “You knew that.”

Evans seemed confused by the remark. “I posted them? When did I post it?” she asked innocently. Diab was prepared, however, pulling up screenshots of a negative Facebook post Evans published 9 months ago. “I’ve never seen that,” Evans insisted. “I honestly have no idea who your boyfriend is or husband…"

“He’s been on set. This is an open, healthy conversation I would like to have with you,” Diab assured her. “Please understand something. My man used his platform to peacefully protest systemic oppression in this country, specifically police brutality against black people. Men, women and children dying, wrongfully dying, and people who are doing this are not being held accountable.”

“That is the issue. It has nothing to do with military men, military women, okay?” Evans persisted. “Because they fought for our constitution to peacefully protest. I would have appreciated if you had contacted me. I would have been more than happy to have a healthy conversation. I don’t know anything about your husband, I swear to God,” an emotional Evans said, standing up from her seat. “I’m done with this bulls**t. This is exactly why I didn’t f**king want to come here. This is about my storyline and you want to bring up your issues. You want to bring up ‘Teen Mom’ to bring up your issues. I’m not doing this, you got your show.”

At this point, Evans took to dramatically storming out. “F**k everyone,” Evans shouted. “Get me the f**k outta here. F**k all of you. F**k this show, I’m done,” she concluded, dropping her microphone.