Is Jennifer Lopez holding some poor dude hostage in her house? Is she under attack? These were all questions that the pop star's fans were asking her after she uploaded a brand new picture of herself working out at her home gym.

Last week, the world-famous superstar was showing off her toned stomach after a workout when fans took notice of something wrong in the picture. Instead of complimenting the dancer on her abs, people were concerned about her safety after they spotted a man wearing a mask in the background of the shot.

In the window directly above her shoulder, a man with a shaved head can be seen giving a creepy expression on his face with his mouth covered by a mask. Fans theorized what was possibly going on. Who is this man and why does he look so spooked?

According to a report by E! News, his identity has been confirmed as one of Alex Rodriguez's friends. In fact, the baseball legend was on a Zoom call with the man in the other room, and that's why we can see him over her shoulder. He wasn't even in the house...

Thankfully, she's not in danger and (allegedly) isn't holding this man hostage in her crib. Mystery solved.