It's been awhile since we saw Jennifer Lopez on a movie screen. The gorgeous actress, singer, and businesswoman was once the queen of romantic comedies. The Wedding Planner, Monster-In-Law, Maid In Manhattan, and The Back-up Plan are all rom-coms that J Lo. made into movie magic. Maybe Lopez just has the perfect mix of humor and sexiness to balance both an emotional and hilarious lead in so many films. She will look to capitalize on that skill once more, when she returns to theaters in Second Act. 

A trailer for Second Act was recently released, and it features a pretty original concept for a rom-com. Lopez plays a middle-aged woman who works at a store similar to Walmart. She aspires to be something more though, but feels trapped because of her lack of education. Her life is flipped-turned upside down when her falsified resume reaches the hands of a wealthy business owner. Lopez is hired in a position of power that lands her a new apartment, credit card, and seemingly, a new life. At the same time, she must struggle to keep the lie intact by learning her job as she's doing it. Second Act also stars Vanessa Hudgens, Milo Ventimiglia, Leah Remini, and Freddie Stroma.