Jennifer Lopez always goes big in every project she does. Only recently was it revealed that she didn't get paid to star in Hustlers and she also produced the film. "This is our movie where we run sh*t. They know it's all women producers, woman director, woman writer, all women starring in it. We've been watching men take advantage of women in movies for a long time, so it was a fun ride to see the tables turned," she said of her involvement. 

Noam Galai/Getty Images

The 50-year-old is now set to star as cocaine queen Griselda Blanco and she recently opened up to Variety about her role and whether she will take on the role of director. “That’s one that I’m really thinking about maybe directing,” she said. “But again, I would need to have so much time to do that. It’s going to be a timing thing. I would have to clear, really clear decks. I could. And it’s just when the right time for that is.”

Jennifer compared her Hustlers appearance to that of Griselda as it showcases the more powerful, dominant side of women. “Griselda Blanco was very much the same thing, where you get to see women being the badasses. You get to see them being ruthless,” she explained. “You get to see them being bad, but you also get to see that there’s two sides to them. We always got to see that from men.”

She added: “[With] Griselda, you would get a super heavy dose of what a woman is capable of on a very ugly side. That would be interesting for people because it’s not been done, but also scary, intense for an actress. And a very delicate subject matter for a director. So I just feel like, again, it’s an intense project that I have to be ready to really go into.”