In the most recent instance of vandalism on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Jennifer Lopez was the unlikely victim of an unwelcome visit from a can of spray paint. TMZ reports that the vandalism allegedly took place on Tuesday with someone writing what's best described as an incomplete infinity sign with black spray paint over the entertainer's star. Police have since taken a vandalism report and are currently investigating the situation.

While the new "artwork" was much more toned down than stunts pulled in the past, it does raise the question as to who really has beef with Jenny from The Block and for what reason.

Lopez was awarded her star in 2013, just over 20 years after her debut as a Fly Girl on In Living Color."This landmark moment inspires me to work harder and dream bigger for all that is the future," she said at the ceremony.

This year, other stars defaced have been on terms that bear a semblance of an explanation as President Donald Trump's has seen the worst of it with someone going so far to destroy it with a pickax while George Lopez even launched a fake public urination stunt over Trump's star. Notably, Bill Cosby's star was also vandalized at the height of coverage of his sexual assault scandal and subsequent trial with opposers writing "Serial Rapist" and "#METoo" on the shunned actor and comedian's placemark.