There are many questions on Jeopardy! that are confusing. We've all seen contestants commit epic fails when faced with questions that they have no clue about. One contestant named Steve did exactly that when he fumbled over a question in the "Hip-Hop Hooray" category. 

“In the past, this hitmaker of "Turn On the Lights" and "Mask Off" was Nayvadius Wilburn," was the question that Steve answered incorrectly. Now, while "Turn On the Lights" isn't the most popular Future song ever, and it does have some years behind it, "Mask Off" is almost instantly recognizable. The smooth single spent 31 weeks on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, and peaked at number five. Steve must have missed the hit song playing on nearly every pop and hip-hop radio station though, because his answer to the question was "Nas."

Nas, who has been in the game since the 90's, is a legend and set the hip-hop world ablaze when he dropped his debut album Illmatic. If Nas isn't in your top five, you might be under the age of 21. Or in Steve's case, uneducated in the history of hip-hop. While it's likely that Steve saw the name Nayvadius and jumped to the conclusion that Nas might be derived from it, we're allowing no excuses for this mix-up.