Fans waited years for Jeremih's Late Nights: The Album, and most were likely pleased with its quality. The Chicago singer has just revealed the title to his next album: Later That Night, which hopefully won't experience the lengthy delays of its predecessor. In a new interview with Billboard, Jeremih says the project, which will be his fourth studio album, is coming "real soon." 

"Late Nights: The Album -- I'm glad the world has finally soaked it in, and is marinating in it, but you best believe I have a whole other late night coming for you real soon: Later That Night," said Jeremih. "I gave them the mixtape, I dropped the album -- now I want to give them a complete trilogy of work." 

Aside from his own work, Jeremih has recently been working alongside two other superstars, Kanye West and Nicki Minaj, both whom he revealed he has been writing for. He was unsure about whether anything he has done with Kanye will end up on WAVES, but if not, he's happy to use the material for one of his own projects: 

"I'm not sure really where he's at with his album right now, or if he's actually going to use the work that we've done -- but if he doesn't use it, I sure will."