Jeremy Lin Made His Own Version Of Space Jam 3

Kyle Rooney
July 29, 2016 09:58

Space Jam 3: Anime Edition

LeBron James will reportedly star in the sequel to Space Jam, which nobody asked for, and if Jeremy Lin has his way he'll be starring in the sequel to that sequel. 

The newly braided Brooklyn Nets point guard has unveiled his latest masterpiece, Space Jam 3: Anime Edition, in which his team of Animeniacs takes on the Anime All Stars.

If you don't care to watch the entire 6:45 film, fast forward to the 5:50 mark to see the grand finale, including Lin's recreation of Michael Jordan's iconic game-winning dunk. 

Spoiler Alert: His arm stretches long enough to shoot out the building, wrap around a tree and catch a pokemon before he bricks the finger roll at the buzzer.

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SPORTS Jeremy Lin Made His Own Version Of Space Jam 3