Jermaine Dupri is finally getting the recognition he deserves from the academy as a builder in the category of American "arts & culture." The esteemed-producer and label head is currently enshrined in the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, with a temporary exhibit entitled: So So Def: 25 Years of Elevating Culture.

The So So Def mogul sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss the gratuity he has finally received, and what he hopes to accomplish in the future. While he doesn't necessarily buy into an incessant narrative for success, he understands that the public will never pleased with an artist's output, so long as they aren't dead. "I realized I have to change the narrative of having a record company — and then you don’t hear about it no more. That’s not my goal. My goal is forever," Dupri told Rebecca Haithcoat of EW.

When asked to name his most pupil, the answer was simple: Usher Raymond. Dupri began working with the illustrious singer in the leadup to his 2nd ever project. My Way would go onto spawn three platinum-selling singles ("Nice & Slow", "My Way", and "You Make Me Wanna"), and cemented a friendship which has stood the test of time.