Jerry Springer is one of the most iconic names in reality TV, alongside people like Dr. Phil, Maury Povich and Judge Judy. However, in recent years The Jerry Springer Show's popularity has been waning and so NBC Universal, in a bid to rejuvenate Mr. Springer, has created a new show with the longtime host called Judge Jerry.

Tracie Wilson, who is the executive VP of creative affairs at NBC Universal Television Distribution says the show will "merge Jerry’s talent for connecting with people, his incredibly relatable and funny personality and his legal training and governing experience to bring viewers a more entertaining court show." What legal training and governing experience, you ask? Springer has a law degree, but importantly was actually the mayor of Cincinnati back when he was 33. 

Jerry's new show will likely be a toned down version of his old won, which became less popular over the years after garnering a less-than-classy reputation for the fights that break out on the show (slyly encouraged by Springer). The new show will be probably much like Judge Judy but for Springer himself, who will “render a verdict with a fair yet firm hand and always leave litigants with a dose of classic Springer wisdom.”