For about a month now there have been rumours surrounding the relationship status of Jesse Williams (of Grey's Anatomy fame) and Taylor Rooks, the Sportsnet anchor and reporter. Last night the rumours were all but confirmed, with photos of the two exiting the Crazy Girls strip club in Beverly hills. According to TMZ the couple had dinner at Matsuhisa in in Beverly Hills before going to the club and exiting separately at three am, but then getting in the same car. 

The sighting comes just one day after the couple both attended the NBA awards show but walked the right red carpet solo, trying to keep a low profile. Their relationship history goes back to a Kevin Hart stand-up show one month ago in Atlantic City, where the couple was reportedly seen acting more than friendly.

Rooks has, over the past couple months been landing interviews with high profile guests such as Dwayne Wade and Meek Mill, so it could be that she doesn't want to mix her business at the NBA awards show with the pleasure of her relationship with Williams. 

Williams divorced from his five-year wife Aryn Drake Lee,  also the mother his two children, in April of 2017 and since then has been in the news for dating Minka Kelly of Friday Night Lights. 

It remains to be seen whether William and Rooks will publicly acknowledge their relationship in the wake of this evidence which will be hard to deny or if they will continue their relationship in private while attending public events on their own.