Last month, Jhene Aiko celebrated her 28th birthday by confirming to the public that she and producer Dot Da Genius were secretly married, but is it really true? Some of you might’ve been just as confused as we were when you saw the chemistry between Jhene & Big Sean lately for their joint effort TWENTY88. From their touchy performance on Kimmel to their hot & sexy pictures taken together, anyone can see that there’s more than just a “working relationship” between Jhene & Sean.

So what about Dot Da Genius? Some reports have been surfacing online lately stating that the two aren’t married now. Not only did Dot Da Genius delete his “marriage announcement” post on IG, along with the rest of his pics of Jhene, but Flaunt Magazine states that Jhene “insisted she was still single” when they interviewed her and Sean last week.

The interview also implies that Jhene & Sean's chemistry, which started back in 2012 with a date to the Lakers game, has been heating up lately, and a future for the two “maybe” inevitable.

“I don’t really record love songs,” she said of Twenty88. “I usually express it when it’s gone bad. It was good to have songs from when it was a happy moment. It’s us having fun. And it’s also a look into our future too, you know, maybe…”

So who actually knows what Jhene’s relationship status is anymore, but if you want my input, I'm guessing she’s still single. Read more about Big Sean & Jhene's recent chemistry here on Flaunt magazine.