Jhené Aiko and Big Sean have been shockingly quiet for much of this year. So quiet that nobody is even sure if they're still together. Their break-up was rumored at the beginning of 2018 as gossipers had speculated that one side was being unfaithful. However, they both ended up sticking by one another, telling their fans that they were still going strong. Both sides have not been very active in the media all year, choosing to be as private as possible. Recently, Jhené reactivated her social accounts and now, it looks as though she's actually covered up her tattoo of Big Sean's face.

In the past, she's trolled everyone by getting temporary ink over the portrait, making everybody go wild with their assumptions. She doesn't seem to be playing around this time though as she looks to have gotten something over the work. Her fans have started reacting to the news, revealing their shock that she got the tattoo covered up. A major question is introduced with this update: Have Jhené and Sean broken up? 

Jhené promises that there's no beef with the changes. A sequel to Twenty88 was expected to come eventually but if they're taking a trip to Splitsville, that becomes more unlikely. Maybe Mario actually has his chance to slide in the DMs... Take a look at the pictures below and chime in.