Jhene Aiko is welcoming Big Sean to 30 on social media. The singer shared a gallery of pictures of the couple from various trips and events early Sunday morning, as well as a few characteristically affectionate messages. "welcome to 30 Sean 😍 u keep getting finer and finer.i love you," she wrote on the first photo, before adding "im so glad u were born ❤️ happy birthday!!"

The birthday wishes even spilled on to Twitter. "Happy Birthday to my bff, homie, lover, friend... the finest thing I've ever seen 😍 Welcome to 30 @BigSean !!! I love u forever," wrote Jhene in a tweet.

The posts come just a couple of weeks after Jhene and Sean had to fend off rumors that Sean had cheated. Sean shared a few of his own posts just prior to turning 30 Saturday night, where he stated that he would be going into the new decade with a new sense of "togetherness." He also indirectly referenced the rumors, shooting them down once again and encouraging people to put their energy in a more positive and productive place. "If people spread things that ain't true about you or rumors, if enough people put energy into it, it can manifest into something," he said. "Put your energy into things you love and believe in. Whatever you're going through, you're not alone. You gotta get yourself right, but remember, we in this together."

Jhene celebrated her own 30th birthday earlier this month. Sean made sure to give her a fitting social media tribute, including a video where he sang her Happy Birthday.