If you have yet to become familiar with the name J.I.D, your listening habits may very well be in need of reevaluation. Last year's The Never Story or the loosie "Hasta Luego" should prove delightful starting points. Not to mention, it has already been confirmed that J.I.D. will be dropping new music with Denzel Curry this year, so keep a watchful eye on that. Still, the Dreamville rapper has been largely delegating his time to the road, enjoying the benefits of an extensive tour. Therefore, his studio output has unfortunately dwindled, despite the fact that his brand has been expanding. 

Enter Compton rapper Buddy, who has been steadily buzzing for a minute now. Like J.I.D, he has opted for studio silence in 2018, save for a choice banger with A$AP Ferg called "Black." Also like J.I.D, Buddy has spent many a month on the road, holding it down with Joey Bada$$ and Boogie on the All Amerikkkan Tour. Clearly, both rappers are poised to hit the ground running when they touch down. It's no surprise the creative juices have already started flowing.

In a tantalizing twitter exchange, J.I.D. asks Buddy if he should release their collaboration, a proposal with which Buddy staunchly agrees. As the discourse continues, the pair make plans like two drunken acquaintances outside a bar; "we should hang out soon." Buddy ups the ante, opting for the "let's make a tape" route. Who is J.I.D. to decline? All things considered, big things are set to go down upon homecoming.