J.I.D. consistently keeps his fans up to speed about his material on social media. Last night, his appearance on Twitter got a lot of them riled up. The tweet that set off his fanbase's enthusiasm was short and sweet, but it had an obvious impact on the bunch. He typed the term "tracklist" and followed it up by the check mark emoji. Those who are fluent in this pictorial language know this message signifies the completion of his latest work.

We can only assume that his tweet refers to the second installment of Dicaprio. Back in March of this year, J.I.D. unleashed a series of tweets about his intention of rolling out the sequel in the near future. He also shared the details of what is to be expected from the project when it drops. Seems like that future is close to being the present. No release date has been mentioned publicly as of yet, so fans will have to wait for the next puzzle piece. The 2018 XXL freshman is keeping the public in limbo for now. 

The adept lyricist also teased an eventual collaborative project with Buddy. No matter the form it takes, J.I.D. is going to quench these thirsties real soon.