J.I.D.'s DiCaprio 2 is still on track to drop on Monday, November 26th. While fans have already marked their calendars, others have wondered if the Dummy Boy delay has paved the way for J.I.D. to move things up. The insinuation being that since 6ix9ine is no longer in the picture, J.I.D. can reap the benefits. The Dreamville rapper has since taken to Twitter to address those requesting a date-change, and dispel any notions of chart-chasing.

"First week sales are kool for the Coles, Kdots, Drake’s And Nikki’s but, that’s not the game I’m playin right now," writes J.I.D. "I need the attention I can garner." 

"I’m not playing the game they want me to play, we doing this shit our way and letting the people have the music how we see fit," writes J.I.D, proving that artistry will always transcend the politickin'. He continues, proceeding to ramp up the hype for his anticipated project, particularly the braggadocious "Slick Talk." "The Level of shit talk I produced on “Slicktalk” is unparalleled, I tapped in on this project," he writes, which certainly bodes well for fans; we already know the man has a deep set of skills, and hearing him "tapped in" should serve to put the game on watch.