J.I.D's sophomore album DiCaprio 2 is only two weeks away from touching down. The Dreamville signee took his time with this project, admitting that refining his storytelling skills was important before completing the album. J. Cole helped guide his artist, and the growth we're about to witness may be historical. The anticipation for DiCaptio 2 makes its value skyrocket, and fans are expecting a classic. When attempting to craft a classic album, it's always a good move to grab a veteran who understands the dynamics of making a timeless album. Q-Tip is that man. 

J.I.D posted a clip on social media of the Tribe Called Quest veteran listening to his new album DiCaprio 2. "QTIP loves Dicaprio2 , I’m fina 😢," he revealed. A minuscule sample of an unheard track can be heard in the background. J.I.D holds his camera phone up in selfie mode to catch a candid shot of Q-Tip listening to the track as his shakes his head in disbelief. 

J.I.D's Dreamville debut, The Never Story, established the ATLien as one of the most dangerous lyricists from the talent-packed city. He has already dropped two singles off the upcoming DiCaprio album, "151 Rum" and "Off Deez" featuring J. Cole. For those who may not be familiar with J.I.D.'s catalog, this is the best place to start.