J.I.D has been tearing up the scene as part of Dreamville for a minute, impressing many with his raw talent, lyrical ability, and original flows. We can confidently say that he is one of the most slept on rappers today, consistently dropping powerful projects that have redeeming listenable qualities and longevity alike. With the recent announcement that DiCaprio 2 was on the way, many of the Atlanta rapper's fans have been wondering when exactly it will arrive. Without an official release date, the project could appear tomorrow but it could also surface next year. 

While there is no definitive answer on when the project will make its way into our playlists, J.I.D is claiming that he's never made better music in his life. The rapper hasn't updated his Instagram page for a month and, although fans did not go into Nicki Minaj levels of speculation, many have been wondering what he's been up to since the project announcement. He wrote, "Been on a hiatus from posting but -Dicaprio2 is my best music to date🕊🖤so soon." The caption also includes a fun fact about giraffes, likely completely unrelated to DiCaprio 2 but still informative.

Stay on the lookout for J.I.D's next project as all signs are pointing to an imminent release.