Saturday Night Live has been steadily drawing material from the United States political landscape, and with the election taking place in fewer than two months, it's likely the long-running series will double-down even harder. Today, Variety has confirmed that none other than Jim Carrey has been tapped to play Joe Biden, former Vice President and current Democratic presidential candidate, in the upcoming season. 

Jim Carrey Saturday Night Live

Rachel Luna/Getty Images

Given everything that has been made about Joe Biden's occasional campaign trail gaffes and oft-memed verbal lapses, expect Carrey to have a field day in the role. Though some have already started wondering whether the NBC staple will go at Biden with the same ferocity they do Trump, many are curious to see Jim Carrey try his hand at live sketch comedy. Especially if he starts trading lines with Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump, as he may very well do once the debates heat up.

Biden is not exactly new territory on Saturday Night Live. Carrey picks up where previous Biden-actors Jason Sudekis and Woody Harrelson left off, and will likely debut in the role when SNL's brand new season premieres on October 3rd. From that point, it will be airing five consecutive episodes before the election transpires on Tuesday, November 3rd. It should also be noted that episodes will once again be taped in front of a live studio audience once more, albeit a limited one. 

Are you excited to see Jim Carrey step into the role of Joe Biden?